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This is the sample site for the Yii2CMS System.
To download the install files, go here and follow the instructions.
For video tutorials and information visit the Yii2CMS YouTube Channel.
My hope here is that the Yii developer community will take over this project, make it better, extend it and finally provide a good robust, easy to use but full featured CMS system to both end users and the developer community.  Something that is sorely lacking.

So far no one has really gotten CMS "right".  The applications out there are either hard to use, bloated, require a nearly doctorate level understanding of web technology to work on, have server requirements that exceed most affordable hosting environments.  This is my attempt after almost two decades of having to use badly designed and executed systems to provide a "base" that can live on, and be further developed by the Yii Community.

Ideally this will all eventurally live in a good GIT-Hub or Bit Bucket Repository, have a nice installer app that does the basic setup, and a composer back end that can do maintainence, upgrades and install extensions / plug ins.  This is open call to developers who are interested in building the worlds best CMS.  Contact me, and lets do it..


Sept:25, 2017:
The Forms feature is finished and included in the install build.
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