Forms are a powerful feature in the Yii2CMS.  With forms you can add features to your site that usually require advanced developer help without writing code or hiring a PHP / Yii Developer.

Once a form is defined and inserted into a page as a block, any submission to it is stored in a default table for inspection, and in clear table format.  The data is stored in json format and easy to export as a comma delimited file for export into other systems such as Constant Contact.

With Yii2CMS forms you can create membership gateways, surveys, do basic lead generation and create multi-page forms and more.

The system includes 2 basic Form Actions.  "Send Submissions To Email" and "Store Submissions In Table".  The titles are self explanatory.  Plus with the Forms API if you need additional actions or to create action chains you can create them fairly easily or hire developers to do it.   My hope here is that Yii2 developers will create open source actions for this system as added value for Yii2CMS users.

Forms Introduction

Form Actions