To Download the application and sample site go to This Drop Box Folder (*Note there is no password )
*Note as of Sept 19th the install base includes the Fom and Form action features of the CMS, plus several bug fixes.  I haven't started keeping a change log, but this update is the last I'll do priior to building a code repository (or having someone else do it) with a clean version of the application plus documentation.

1:  Download the two files.  One is the application and the other is a compressed version of the DB.
2:  FTP the application into hopefully an EMPTY domain home directory.   The app has a few top level folders that will be expanded and if folders such as /assets or _protected and files like .htaccess and index.php will be stomped on.
3: Extract the Files
4: Go into your hosts cpanel or backend web manager .Create an empty DB, a user and assign the user to the DB with full permissions.
5: In phpMyAdmin or whatever DB tool you are using, import the second zip archive into the DB.
6: Using an online text editing tool.  (cpanels file manager will allow you to edit the files).
Go to _protected/common/config and open main_local.php
Edit the lines to set up your database name, and user and the lines indicated to set your email smtp server, your from email, email user and password.
This is the account used to send email through.  Ideally it will be an account ON THIS DOMAIN.  But you can forward through any email account that allows it.
Go to Go to _protected/common/config and open params.php.
Make the nessesary changes there..  They should be obvious. (more email settings).
Once this is done, you should be able to bring up the Sample site, and create your initial admin user
To create the initial admin user
Go to thesite.com/site/signup
If the user DB is empty and the autoincrement is reset to ID 1.. then the very first signup will create a super user with the role "theCreator"
Simply enter in your desired username, email address and password.
Then login
The backend log in is at
Looking at the basic RBAC setup that comes in Yii2 Advance.  that automatic super role looks like admin is a child of it.. So it should be OK as is.  Its up to you as to how to manage admin users.
One of the tasks on my to-do is to build an installer that does these steps from a form.