Using images (in fact any media) in pages is one of the biggest hassles for users of web based content management  systems (CMS's).    Most of the web based html editors and CSM systems don't do a good job of managing images or giving you tools to organize them for use in a web page, find them, sort them, tag them and so on.   This task is usually left to people who hand code the content.   Well I've made this entire systems purpose that of managing media assets, images, audio, video, docuements such as PDF's so that users can easily publish content with rich media control.

*Note.  This system will directly deploy video, but since I want to use this site as a basis for the demo content that is distributed with a base install.  Video content will play from YouTube or as remote resources that are embedded in the pages.  Not video assets stored in the systems database.   These just add far too much bandwidth overhead to an install base.

See additional tutorials on the Yii2CMS You Tube Channel



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Building Image Galleries